Thursday, December 9, 2010

Your Relatives - Genealogy Software

Peruse the Screen Guides page to see if this software will do what you want..

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  • Feature: A graphical display of family kinship makes it easy to understand how kin are related to each other. The graphical display of family kinship provides easy viewing of kin for any individual in the database by clicking / tapping buttons.
  • Desktop Versions: Windows (PC), OSX (MAC). Work on your desktop, take your data with you on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Mobile Devices: iPhone, iPad. Each desktop version above has a database component that can be transferred to an iPhone or iPad. Show your kin, update family data on the go, and then transfer data back to your desktop.
NOTE: To run the database component on an iPhone or iPad a separate "Free" app, Filemaker Go 12, is required and must be downloaded from the Apple iTune Store. Free: Filemaker Go 12 For iPhone; Free: Filemaker Go 12 For iPad.
  • Same Data: Two methods to have the same data between a mobile device and a computer:
    • Transfers Between Desktop and Mobile Devices, and back: iTunes, email. The database component can be transferred using iTunes from a desktop. Furthermore, the database component can also be transferred by email.
    • Import and Export GEDCOM documents: The Your Relative software on your desktop can import and export or save GEDCOM standard documents. From the iPhone or iPad you can create, view, email, and save a GEDCOM document, which you can then email and import on your desktop.

First Page of iPhone Screen: